Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweets, also known as “γλυκό του κουταλιού” (glykó tou koutalioú) in Greek, which translates to ‘sweet of the spoon’, are a popular dessert in Greece and Cyprus. They are sweet preserves served in a spoon as a gesture of hospitality. They can be made from almost any fruit, though sour and bitter fruits are especially prized.

Watermelon with honey

Spoon Sweet

Waterelon rind | Honey from Taÿgetus mnt. | Chios Mastic | Sugar

Βάζο με γλυκό κουταλιου πορτοκάλι

Orange with Honey

Spoon Sweet

Orange peel from Messinia | Honey | Sugar

Jar with lemon spoon sweet


Spoon Sweet

Lemon peel from Messinia | Sugar

Βάζο με γλυκό κουταλιού νεράντζι

Bitter orange rolls

Spoon Sweet

Bitter orange peel from Messinia | Sugar

Βάζο με γλυκό κουταλιού περγαμόντο

Bergamot orange

Spoon Sweet

Bergamot oranges peel from Messinia | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Clementines from Messinia | Sugar

Wild fig with walnuts

Spoon Sweet

Kalamata Wild Figs | Walnuts from Taÿgetus mnt. | Sugar

Jar with mini eggplant spoon sweet

Mini eggplant with walnuts

Spoon Sweet

Mini eggplants from Taÿgetus | Walnuts from Taÿgetus | Sugar

Jar with quince spoon sweet

Quince with almonds

Spoon Sweet

Quinces from Peloponnese | Almonds | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Sultanas from Korinthia | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Hard Cherries from Taÿgetus mnt. | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Cherries from Taÿgetus mnt. | Sugar

Βάζο με γλυκό κουταλιού φράουλα


Spoon Sweet

Strawberries form Messinia | Sugar

Βάζο με γλυκό κουταλιού φιρίκι με σαφράν

Fririki with Saffron

Spoon Sweet

Firiki (small Apple) from Taÿgetus mnt. | Safron (‘Krokos Kozanis’) | Clove | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Pear from Arkadia | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Chestnut from Taygetos mtn. | Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Pomodorri from Messinia| Sugar


Spoon Sweet

Kalamata Olives | Ζάχαρη


Spoon Sweet

Rose pedals from Peloponnese | Sugar

Sour Cherry

Spoon Sweet

Sour Cherries from Peloponnese | Sugar

All the fruits used are Greek and First Grade.

The availability of the products depends on the fruit season.

Packaging: Jar with about 480g net content.

Special Ho.Re.Ca packaging available.

Ability of production with your own label / packaging (private label)